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(adapted from article written for SAN MARCO MATTERS, March 2003)

Delray Beach, Florida

WAKODAHATCHEE WETLANDS a.75 mile boardwalk alternative to the .9 mile once-around our community was created and is maintained by the West Palm Beach Public Utilities Authority.

Five minutes south of us, Wakodahatchee Wetlands has been providing a great opportunity for Sam and me to exercise and make friends with people and Nature. The past few days it’s been a great blue heron wading in the front pond greeting visitors.

The entry 1/4 mile boardwalk leads to a 1/2 mile loop which winds through 3 of the wetlands’ ponds. One woman, who recently passed us several time, says she routinely does 8 times around. “Regulars” include serious walkers, bird watchers, simple strollers and, of course, the photographers, whose tripods line sections of the boardwalk. The tripods holding cameras with 1200 mm lenses await, like fishing poles along a shore, for a glimpse of the bobcats that reside there or for some other wildlife activity, which include turtles, frogs, otters, alligators and birds.

Right now, in March, the lineup is at the “Maternity Ward,” which “houses” a great blue heron's nest, as well as a couple of anhingas’ nests, on a small island. The photographers wait patiently for the mom and pop herons to switch caretaker shifts, every 2 to 3 hours, feeding and guarding the babies. Today, 3/20, I saw 3 of the little ones’ heads popping up in the nest. To me, they looked like full-grown small birds already! I’m told that it takes 6 weeks before they leave the nest.
Be sure to take your grandchildren there.

Our granddaughter (11) and grandson (7), Florida residents and well-traveled, were very enthusiastic on their first visit there. See www.naturesplayground.com/kaitlynsphotos.html for some of the photos that Kaitlyn took using our digital camera both there and at Butterfly World.

For beautiful bobcat and great blue heron photos, taken by Jeff Shulman, visit www.naturesplayground.com/jeffsphotos.html.

If you’d like to walk at Wakodahatchee and would appreciate some company, feel free to give us a call.

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