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Costa Rica Photographs
from stay in Sueno Azul Resort and Omega Painted Photograph Workshop
Photo/Drawings from Costa Rica
Large Prints Overstock Inventory - Closeout sale on all 18" X 24"
, approx. size, prints in stock


for individual note cards, prints and plaques
Card Sets for note cards in sets
Large Prints special on all approx. 18" X 24" prints in stock

All Flowers
includes photo/drawing art with alstromeria, bird of paradise, calla lilies, cone flowers, dahlia, echinacea, lysanthia, marigolds, orchids, pansies, poppies, rose of sharon, sunflowers, thistle. See also: Irises | Orchids | Roses | Sunflowers
Animals & Birds

page includes photo/drawing art of elephants, giraffes, peacocks and rhinos. See also Horses | Great Blue Herons | Bobcats | Lorikeets | Honey Creepers and Red-winged Blackbird

Other Nature Art -Photography Drawings

page also includes reflections, rocks, and garden chair.

Florida page includes pictures of Lorikeets from Butterfly World; bamboo trees; a great white egret; a banana tree from the AOS gardens. The Anthurium page has a series of anthurium.

Autumn page for photo/drawings of Autumn leaves. See also "Missing Autumn" photo collage.

Trucks at work, improving the environment, enhancing the landscape.

Fruits & Vegetables

page includes photo/drawing art with grapes, strawberries, broccoli, asparagus, eggplant, scallions and peppers

Custom Services

promotion; Fishing | Horses |Homes and Storefronts |Memorabilia | Art using others' digital photographs.

Photography - not enhanced

Black and White Photography by Sam Finkelstein
includes European Photos and photographs of children at play.

Photographs by Jeff Shulman of Bobcats and Great Blue Herons in Wakodahatchee Wetlands.

by Kaitlyn Finkelstein of birds and butterflies in Wakodahatchee Wetlands and Butterfly World.


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Watercolors - Early Work

Fantasy Landscape Seascapes

Other Pages

Truck Art
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