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Greetings from Sam and Sheila Finkelstein
Many exciting things are happening in the S&S "Playground." Badgered by our very talented web-designer and businesswoman, now friend, Rebecca Collins, we're using this newsletter to communicate with you. I, Sheila, worked for a newsletter company for 6 years. For many years prior to that, I said I'd do a newsletter someday. "Is this the final answer?" Sam asks with a grin.
Background and 2 Questions:
Among the many things that Sam and I delight in are the discovery of interesting images, shapes, colors, textures in Nature or elsewhere in our environment. We love capturing them on camera and then playing with them after the photographs are returned. I draw and Sam loves looking for even newer images.

Look around you now. What new shape or texture, can you find in a fabric, wall, face that you've never seen before? What is that gives you a quick "high" when you happen on it? If you wish to share your answers with us for possible inclusion in our next newsletter or on our site, e-mail me at Sheila. You can read more about us at About Us on our web site.

New Products - plaques -Early Summer Special - Limited Time Offer
To share our excitement with you on our latest discovery we are offering a special discount, good through August 15th. $10 to $15 off the retail prices of our photo/drawing images, mounted on 3/8 inch lightweight fibreboard. Color-protected, coated, washable and water resistant, they are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms. All photo/drawings can be ordered in this format. For children's rooms, check out Zoo Animals on the IMAGES page.
Special Prices: 5 X 7 plaques = $25 $15 and 7.5 X 10 inch plaques = -$40 $25

Stock up Now for special occasion gifts and early holiday shopping. Make notes on the titles you like and then, for Online credit card orders, come
back to this page and click on To order by mail, go to Summer Special - Mail Order. Note, these are the only links for this special, so bookmark the pages or save this newsletter. By the way, we're so excited with these plaques we're offering a money-back, satisfaction guarantee. To return, you simply pay the shipping costs.

Extra Special on Note Cards so that you can experience our fast-expanding line of images. On orders through August 15th, we will give all readers of this newsletter our special customers' prices of $3 each, for 6 or more cards, with an added bonus for everyone - $2.50 each for 25 or more cards. The normal break point for this price is 50 or more cards. To order using your credit card go to . To pay by check go to Summer Special - Mail , email us at sales@naturesplayground.com, or call 561-752-8339.

If you would like our 6 or more sheets of thumbnails of our stock of photo/drawing images, please send us your address and a check for $2.00 to cover our costs. We will credit it to the next order you make. If you've purchased before and want sheets showing our latest images, simply e-mail us your request and we'll get it right out.

Noteworthy People on the Web who have had an impact on us

s - Mentioned earlier, Becca has been most count-on-able and generous in her original designing and building of www.naturesplayground com, and ongoingly ever since, offering tips, advice and tutoring, as I learn more and more in the managing and adding of pages myself. You can experience her creativity at www.artpaw.com, a must for pet lovers, and www.clickimages.net, for those interested in art.

Julie Jordan Scott of www.5Passions.com
has generously promoted my art in her daily, and 3 times weekly, free e-zines. She is passionate about life and that everyone else be so also. She currently is avidly promoting to people around the world, inviting them to start Gratitude Gardens. See www.gratitudegarden.com. If you have a garden, or wish to start one, please let her know, julie@5passions.com. Even our deck window box containers with flowers count!

Cyrano, as he prefers to be called, has entertained us with e-mail correspondence and moved us by his encouraging words and the spontaneous poems on flowers that he wrote and entitled "Sheila's World."

Robert Cohen demonstrated his SoyToy, www.soytoy.com, which makes soy milk for "pennies a quart,"at an expo in which I recently exhibited. I signed up for his notmilk.com daily newsletter and was moved and excited when reading "Communicating with Nature" in a current issue. He paints wonderful word pictures of his garden. I asked permission to include it on our site and am thrilled that I will have the privilege of photographing his plants and doing subsequent photo/drawings.

Finally, appreciation to ALL OF YOU who have been encouraging me, both/or through your purchases and your words, from the first time you saw my art, in person or on our web pages. For those new to this site, see TESTIMONIALS (or the COMMENTS link on our site.)

- Upcoming - If you are in the NJ area, Saturday, August 10th will be the dedication of the Laurence Harbor, NJ, Middlesex County Park System's Waterfront Park, with its large modern playground and great boardwalk. I expect to be there, showing work in some form. It was at this beach on the Raritan Bay that I began my passionate adventure with the camera, 8 years ago, when the State and Federal governments built two new jetties. Many images on naturesplayground.com, including 2 of the HOME page pictures, result from countless and treasured hours spent there. E-mail Sheila, if you want details of the day's events.

September Newsletter
- Please write and give us feedback on this issue so that we can deliver something of value to you in September. If you have found this one interesting, please send it on to your special friends. If you have received this from a friend and would like to be on our mailing list for future newsletter mailings, please e-mail us with "Add to list" in "Subject."

This list will not be sold or passed on to anyone else. It is will be used solely in the realm of Art and Nature and to keep you informed of new happenings and periodic "special offers." Of course, if you would prefer not to receive any future mailings, send an Unsubscribe, per the message at the bottom.

We appreciate your sharing in this first newsletter with us and look forward to your feedback. Sheila and Sam Finkelstein

© 2002 Nature's Treasures Interpreted - Written permission required for reprinting or for use of images.