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as defined by Cyrano

iris flower photo drawing

“The Iris”


Icarus like wings, they flutter,
Petals in the sun.

Rivaling the gods, they mutter,
Dewey drips, they run.

Incense wafting in the breeze
Luring all around.

Snaring swarms of buzzing bees,
Pleased with what they’ve found.

rose photo drawing

“The Rose”


Reds and yellows, pink and white
Bursting bright with color.

Overwhelming all in sight,
Never growing duller.

Scents that take the breath away,
Permeate the air.

Enchanting all they meet each day,
Chasing every care.

poppies flower photo drawing

“The Poppy”


Petals circled ‘round the stem,
In a magic ring.

Opal like, a living gem,
Cause hummingbirds to sing.

Perfume scents are everywhere,
Breezing to and fro’

Pretending summer’s always here,
Has no place else to go.

Youngsters plucking, as they near,
Poppies don’t mind, you know. . .

lilies flower photo drawing
“The Lily”


Long in stem, the lily grows,
Behold them in the field.

In purest white, like driven snows
Their beauty will not yield.

Lovelier than Solomon,
Or so it's been revealed.

Years shall not, them, see undone
Those lilies of the field.

©2002 Cyrano - "Cyrano" is a poet who found my work online. He sent me the poems above that he had been inspired by my photo/drawings to wirite.

I, of course, asked permission to include them here. When I tried to contact him a few years later, his email address was no longer good.

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